Four - wheel pantry


One of the very popular ways of traveling is certainly exploring by car or campervan. You can go on a trip in all seasons (and not just in the summer), especially if you want to avoid crowds at more touristy spots.

If you are not accustomed to this kind of exploring, one of the biggest dilemmas may be how much to pack and what is needed. We suggest that you visit the Nestcampers website, which, in addition to offering a convenient rental of campers, contains a lot of information and tips for stress-free travel. In all of their campers you also have a package of our products waiting for you, and as your guest, you receive a discount code for purchases in our online store.

Sleep and equipment is taken care of, what about food? Nuts, dried fruits and similar snacks are certainly very suitable for every vacation, and the more so when you are limited by space. You just need to find a dark cool place where you'll atore them to keep fresh. Some of our products have a front sticker that you can use to re-seal, otherwise we recommend using plastic clips, packaging with a lid, or simple ziplock bags.

For a quick snack, we recommend our mixes and vacuum dried fruit, which will give you enough energy to last until the next meal and concentrate on the road (or sights). An interesting idea is also making energy balls beforehand and storing them in a refrigerator.

For breakfast, you can prepare a homemade granola before departing and top it up with other dry fruits. With flaxseed and sunflower seeds you can enrich your various salads. Our favorite salads consist of fresh leafy vegetables, pulses, tomatoes and avocados or tofu cubes. To make them even more nutritious, add cooked and chilled chilled pasta, quinoa or buckwheat.

When you decide to cook something, do not forget about nuts and seeds. Dishes with poultry or vegetables will be perfectly complement by dry roasted peanuts or cashews. If you are already tired of the usual breaded chicken, mix the breadcrumbs with the amount of crushed pecans, and use beaten egg whites as a binder.

You can prepare pasta in 1001 way, and in most cases, an interesting addition can be found in our offer. Very easy to prepare are blue cheese penne: sprinkle some crushed gorgonzola on hot penne, then mix in chopped green beans and toasted pine nuts and hazelnuts (or even walnuts). Mix well and serve immediately.

The same applies to soups or even stews: before serving, sprinkle with a mixture of toasted seeds.

Desserts will be even more delicious if you add roasted hazelnuts or ground almonds. If you are makingg pancakes, do not forget to add coconut flour to the dough, which will make them nice and fluffy.

More suggestions for using nuts and dried fruits in the kitchen can also be found in other posts on our blog.

And another special hint for evening enjoyment when you no longer need to sit behind the wheel: our vacuum dried raspberries are the best addition to gin & tonic or any other cocktail. 

We wish you a happy trip!



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Four - wheel pantry
Four - wheel pantry
Four - wheel pantry
Four - wheel pantry