What is raw vegan dried fruit?

This is fruit, dried using a vacuum at a temperature never exceeding 45°C. It is completely free of added sugar, colorings or flavors and has (with appropriate storage) a very long shelf life.

Why drying with a vacuum?

Vacuum drying allows lower temperatures when drying, without the use of microwaves or radiation. This means that temperature-sensitive substances in fruit retain their properties. Sugars do not caramelize, color does not darken and many vitamins are preserved. This kind of drying does not affect the texture of the fruit.

Everyday use of raw vegan dry fruit 

Vacuum dried fruits are by themselves an excellent snack, and can be used in combinations with nuts, conventional dried fruits, cereals, flakes and the like. We can also use it as a decorative element on cakes, cookies and other sweets, replacing fresh fruit with different recipes, mixing it with smoothies, granola, and we could still list more. It can also be grinded and used as a natural dye and a source of fruit flavor in various dishes. In contact with the liquid, it develops its full natural taste, so it is ideal for various beverages and cocktails. If you like to create chocolate, raw vegan dry fruit is a great colorful additive, or as the main star of such desserts. The options are truly infinite.

Benefits of using raw vegan dry fruit

We all know that it's best to enjoy seasonal fresh fruit. Since many people like to make their meals more colorful (for example, with strawberries) in the winter, it is definitely the perfect choice of vacuum dried fruits. Since it is dried when it is in season and we try to get it from as close as possible to our surroundings (Slovenia, Italy, etc.), we capture the best taste and the finest colors, which are then retained for months at proper storage. They certainly taste better than fruits that came from greenhouses from the other end of the world. Vacuum dried fruit also does not go moldy or rotten if stored in a tightly sealed container. It is suitable for use at home, on the go and in the office, and the children will love it, too.