RECIPE: Tasty Energy Balls | Odlično
RECIPE: Tasty Energy Balls

RECIPE: Tasty Energy Balls

These delicious balls are a great way to start your day or energize before training.

200-300 g almonds Odlično
50 g flaxseed Odlično
50 g pumpkin seeds Odlično
50 g sunflower seeds Odlično
30 g chia seeds
150 g raisin & cranberry mix Odlično
1 TBS chocolate drops
2-3 teaspoons ground cinnamon
2-4 teaspoons rasped coconut Odlično
40 g coconut butter (room temperature)
50 g coconut oil, melted
50 g maple syrup


Grind almonds and flaxseed roughly, then add whole pumpkin and chia seeds. Mix in raisins and cranberries, chocolate drops, cinnamon and coconut. While whisking slowly add coconut butter and oil and maple syrup at the end. Mix until batter is sticky and well combined. Form balls in any size with wet hands and place them on a plate. Cool them in a fridge for a couple of hours until they firm up completely.